Melita launches speed-focussed mobile plans

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Malta-based telco Melita launched three new mobile plans offering different mobile internet speeds as available options for users, instead of data bundles, according to a press statement sent to Business Malta.

In this framework, Melita will offer unlimited data to its users at varying speeds. “The days of worrying about whether your internet data bundle is going to last until the end of the month are over. Thanks to Melita’s new plans, customers can now decide on a speed that matches their usage habits, and then enjoy endless data at a price that is unrivalled in Malta,” said Mireille Muscat, Head of Marketing at Melita Ltd.

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“Going forward, Melita will continue to seek new ways to deliver its products in a way that meets, and exceeds our customers’ expectations. It is this approach which has enabled Melita to grow its mobile customer base to more than 150,000 subscriptions and inspires us to continue developing new ideas,” Ms Muscat added.

The three new mobile plans are called Surfer up to 3Mbps, Streamer up to 20Mbps and Racer up to 200Mbps.

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