HSBC Malta and UNESCO publish educational booklet

The booklet is the second publication in the collaboration between HSBC Malta and the UNESCO Maltese National Commission. (source: HSBC media)

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HSBC Malta partnered up with UNESCO Maltese National Commission on publishing a booklet entitled Mixja F’Wied Il-Għasel (A walk in the Valley of Honey) to highlight the important role of the flora and fauna in the valley in Mosta, according to a press statement sent to Business Malta. The publication was announced today in Mosta on the occasion of the World Environment Day.

“It is hoped that these publications encourage teachers to engage their students in more outdoor activities which will help them to appreciate our national heritage and all forms of wildlife” said Andrew Beane, the CEO of HSBC Malta.

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“Spending time in nature is invaluable for our health and wellbeing and for encouraging us to be more environmentally friendly. This publication provides the opportunity to learn about the amazing wildlife we have living on our doorstep and to inspire teachers and children to enjoy being outdoors and learning with a different perspective. We would like to thank Mr Jason Aloisio and HSBC for their work in making this happen,” said Sarah Brady, the Education Manager at BirdLife Malta.

The booklet, which is the second publication in the collaboration between HSBC Malta and the UNESCO Maltese National Commission, was funded through the HSBC Water Programme-Catch the Drop campaign. The theme of this year’s World Environment Day is “Air Pollution” under which HSBC is encouraging its supporters to recycle waste into energy.

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