Business Against Food Waste campaign spearheads food scrap reduction

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In an attempt to fight against the increasing amount of food waste, the Malta Business Bureau (MBB) and the Malta CSR Institute — backed by the HSBC Malta Foundation — has launched the Business Against Food Waste campaign, spearheading a change in the matter of growing importance, according to a press statement sent to Business Malta.

Raising awareness about the increasing nature of food waste production is crucial, as approximately 30% of all food produced globally is wasted or lost — amounting to roughly 1.3 billion tonnes of food per year, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. As a more worrisome measure, FAO estimates that food waste contributes to 8% of all greenhouse gasses resulting from human activities.

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The campaign has recently hosted the first half-day food waste reduction training and awareness session designed specifically for enterprises and their employees as part of the Business Against Food Waste campaign. Another six sessions are scheduled between 14 November and 5 December, with 176 attendees already having confirmed to attend the events.

Participants of the first session were initially introduced to the food waste challenge from a broader perspective. Opening this session, MBB Project Manager Gabriel Cassar said food waste is a “complex issue” that impacts different areas, including our environment, the economy and the social sphere.

Approximately 30% of all food produced globally is wasted or lost — amounting to roughly 1.3 billion tonnes of food per year.

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations

Mr Cassar’s introduction was followed by several professionals working in the food waste area, who presented practical tips and techniques to participants on possible ways of reducing food waste.

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Sustainable food habits

Main topics discussed during the event included sustainable food habits, sustainable seafood consumption, proper separation of organic waste, and growing food from food scraps. The activities were led by representatives from the Ministry for the Environment, Gardenscapes Gardening Services, Wasteserv, the Malta Tourism Authority, AquaBioTech Group, and Nature Trust Malta.

The events are part of the Business Against Food Waste campaign led by the Malta Business Bureau, in collaboration with the Institute of Tourism Studies and the HSBC Malta CSR Institute. The campaign is supported by Wasteserv Malta, the Malta Tourism Authority and the Ministry for Tourism.

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Individuals or businesses interested in participating in the upcoming seminars spearheading change in the food waste issue can contact Glenn Bugeja, HSBC Manager for Corporate Sustainability. For further information about the Business Against Food Waste Campaign, one can contact MBB Project Manager Gabriel Cassar or see the official website of the MBB campaign.

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